Dissapearing elemnts on click during development

Hi all

I would like to report that in some rare cases when I click on an element on the design view, the given element will completely disappear. Unlike in the case of the trash icon, where we get a warning/question if we truly want to delete the element, there is no warning here.

This is the 3rd time it happened to me in the last 3 months. At the first 2 occasions I thought that I misclicked something, but this time it was a clear and simple click on the element, that I wanted to select to edit ( a data viewer grid, but it happened with layouts as well before).

I am not sure what other circumstances can be important here. I use Google Chrome, and the page worked perfectly for 30 min when this suddenly happened.

Luckily since the first 2 occasions, I regularly create backup saves, and even without that it took less than 5 min to restore everything, as the blocks were still in place. I just had to recreate the grid and change the block at the start to select the correct data viewer grid.

If you have any information on how to avoid this int he future, please let me know.
If you can look into the bug I am more than happy.



It seems the grid has been moved into the structure of an other already existing grid, which should not be possible, and I have no idea how to remove it.

You can check the X and Y values of the element.
sometimes they go out of the screen