Different menu will work in the same screen

Hello All.
I have 6 menu Button on my first screen. I have just designed and completed the function of the menu button named chapter 1… (Button 6). while user click this chapter 1 button it goes screen 2 and will complete the cycle as my block. I have took a local DB1 for this block.

Now i want to create the function of my next button named chapter 2 …(button 5) using different local DB (local DB2).

In short, i want to impose the function such that:

   while user click chapter 1 >>>>>>goes to screen 2 block (Takes data from DB1)
   while user click chapter 2>>>>>> goes to screen 2 block (Takes data from DB2)

My question is how can i put the instruction in screen 2 block ???

Could anybody tell me in my block how can i define the chapter 1 to a variable and how can i call that variable in screen 2 block?? i am stuck here!!

please help me. my block here


Sounds pretty similar to this @farhadkubd1:

but you’d use a LocalDB where I used a List

Hope that helps!

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Dear Domhnall sir, thanks for comments. If i can see the block it could help me a lot. I am very new here as a result i am not getting the block clearly in video presentation.:confused:

Hi @farhadkubd1,

All the blocks are in my original post - if you click on the link above and scroll down through the post you will see them all.