Please help a complete novice!

I have searched for this topic and if I came across something similar I didn’t not understand, so i’m asking for help in the most simplistic terms someone can offer. I am creating an app and cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to switch data in and out while using one or two screens to build the app. I have created over 20 screens ( i know this is not the way to do it) and I am trying to figure out how to use one screen for a certain topic and switch the info in and out based on someone’s selection. The blocks may be simple for some but I have absolutely no idea what i’m looking at aside from “when this screen opens, navigate here” or “when button is clicked navigate here” etc. etc. Does anyone have any sample blocks or the code I should be using?? Is these even coming across as making any sense? Thank you to whoever replies.

Hi @Kathleen_White,

Welcome to Thunkable, I think my response here is exactly what you are looking for: Duplicating a page

Happy Coding!

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