Different between "set variable" and "change variable"

I want to ask something. What is the difference between a variable set and a change variable?

At first, I set the value of variable = 0 which means I put in “set variable”. then I change the variable to = 1 which means I’m using “change variable”

The question is, what events happened there?

Set variable replaces the value of the variable with the number you choose.


X is 2
Set variable X to 5. Now X is 5.
Set variable X to 22. Now X is 22.

Change variable adds or subtracts the number you choose to/from the current value of the variable.


X is 2.
Change variable X by 4. Now X is 6.
Change variable X by -3. Now X is 3.

if I look at this example,

I think that the value of the variable is incremental. if that’s true, shouldn’t this one

be the result is -1 ?

No. Think of it this way:

[set variable A to 3] is the same as A=3.

[change variable B by 7] is the same as B=B+7

[change variable B by -2] is the same as B=B-2

I have to apologize… I see where I confused you. Yes, if X=2 and you change X by -3, the result would be -1. I’m so sorry, I was intending that X is 6 because of the previous line and so changing X by -3 would give you 3.

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oh it seems that i’m who doesn’t understand what you are describing. Then, it’s true that the result is 3. Okay no need to apologize.


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