+ and - button not working

I have a plus and minus button to add and subtract from a saved variable.
however when I click both nothing happens.

here is a screenshot

any help would be appreciated.

You’ve set up the variables wrong. You used the set app variable " " block at the bottom of the Variables drawer when you should have used the `set app variable # of Herb Patches in cart’ block at the top of the Variables drawer.

The problem with your blocks is that you used a variable block as the name of the variable. It’s expecting a variable name as a text string but you gave it a variable that has a numeric value instead.

The simple fix here is to use the Change Variable By block. But for future reference, avoid the set app variable " " blocks.

Use the block here:

Or this one:


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Once you learn to harness these variables you’ll like them. I’d stay away for now and learn to use the others instead like @tatiang suggests.


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