Differences between "Component variables" and "App Variables"?

Find below a link to a simplify test app where I don’t understand why it works with a Component Variable and not at all with an App Variable !

I will appreciate any explanation. Thanks in advance.

Link to the public app:

What are you calling a “component variable”? Thunkable has three types of variables: app, stored, and cloud.

“Why it works” is not enough of an explanation for me to be able to help you. What are you expecting the project to do when previewed? What does it actually do?

Okay, I think I understand. I’ve simplified your blocks below. The problem is that you created a list and saved it to app variable Txt but then tried to create a list from that variable. You don’t need to do that. It’s already a list.

Your blocks:

My blocks:


I can’t explain why it worked without a variable for Button1 but it shouldn’t have!

I’ve called “Component Variable” (GREEN colored in blocks) variables which are valid only within a given screen, as far I’ve undestood it!
In opposition to “App Variable” (ORANGE colored in blocks) which are valid throughout the App.

Thks for your answer!
I appreciate, but I’m still wondering why it’s like that…
Anyhow I will consider your solution in the future.

Those would be “properties” of components. So if you set a label’s text, you’re setting the text property of that label. Or if you use the “label’s text” block then you are getting/reading the text property of that label.