Didusercancel block image picker

Everytime I cancel while picking image the app crashes what can I do

Remember that when you cancel, it triggers the event DidUserCancel = true , maybe you have a code that causes to crash when recieving that event

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Do I need to connect did user cancel block to anything for example right now I have set to label at first I thought it’s crashing because it’s not connected to anything but it still does

In which operating system version is this happening and on which device?


And it’s not only my device happend on every iOS device

If you send me a link to your project in a personal message, I will look at it. I remember that a similar problem was once encountered when canceling camera images on iOS 10.3. I am using iOS 12 now and don’t remember having image picker problems

I’m using 12.3.1 and yes I’ll send you the link right now

On iOS 12.4, selecting and canceling an image works well.

Daniel_Coglitore turned out to be right. There are blocks on the screen that try to perform an operation on a non-existent object. For this reason, the application crashes.

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