Error when photo is not selected

hey all I am making an image recognizer app in my app there is a function that the user can select an image app and can click an image my doubt is that if the user doesn’t click the photo or doesn’t select the photo the app shows a error

When you post on the forums, it’s really important to include a screenshot or link to your project so that we can see how you’ve set up your blocks.


it’s a private project

What would you like to do?

Is it Aivon?

yup but how did you got it

Hi @yash.sehgal.20391e

Without Any screenshots of the blocks or a link to the project we can’t help with your problem.
Like @tatiang said please show us your screenshots of the blocks or a link of the project.

my app link

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Whenever you see a green block such as the Error block in Thunkable, it’s a response block and you need to check the value of it. If you ignore those blocks, your code will probably not work correctly.

The easiest way to start is to assign each green block to a label and then preview your project to see what those values are.


I searched for it in the public gallery.

Oh okay

I also Saw those red error/warning message things.