Did the servers revert to backup?

For some reason, my project reverted to how it was a couple of days ago. Maybe it was my internet or because I’m a private beta tester?

My projects are fine and I am also a beta tester :slight_smile:

Contact staff for assistance if you think there is an issue.

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How long ago did you notice this?

Have you noticed this issue with other projects?

Have others experienced this today?

I noticed it just now when I opened my project,

I only have one project at the moment.

The only thing that changed is the data list viewer disappeared from my project as far as I know

There is an update planned to be rolled out, if I’ve read some recent posts by admins correctly. These should occur soon. Perhaps they’ve pulled that component or shutdown beta in preparation of a full release?

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Data viewer is still working though, maybe they reset in preparation