Device Art for Play Store

I’m in the process of uploading an app to the Play store, so I thought I’d ask what people are using to create device art for their store listings?

For the last few year’s I’ve been using the Android Device Art Generator which has always worked great for me.

I’m curious though, how do you do this? Something like Photoshop? Do you use a certain app? I’m interested to know.



I have Perfect Screenshot Ultra (there’s also a free version), which is an Android app similar to the Android Device Art Generator but with a broader selection of device frames, options, and views.


Months ago, I was a theme designer for Plus Messenger, and I had to make some screenshots to upload to my theme and advertise it, so I had to use some apps for that:

Also, if you want to make a video for add it to the header in PlayStore, I recommend to use this web service:

They allow you to make spectacular promotional videos like this one: SOSgram Promotion Video