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I want to show the desktop version of a webpage in a web viewer. The web page has a file upload functionality which only works in the desktop version, so I want to load the desktop version of the webpage but it seems there is no component available in thunkable X in this regard. please share if anyone knows how to do this. :pray:

Hey @tejaskhopkar2kratd great to see you again!

Does the website you’re loading belong to your (or do you have edit access to the site) or is it outside of your control?

Hi All,
I am using web_viewer control to load my website. It works file but load the web version of the site, rather than mobile version. Any suggestion on how to make it load mobile version?

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I’m moving your question to this topic since it was asked first.

Same question to you:


truly sad at thunkable classic or kodular we have option to view as dekstop view. hope thunkable developer can think about this.

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