Forcing mobile compatible view in webviewer component

hello all. I am searching a procedure by which i can force a website to be viewed in mobile compatible mode in webviwer when a call a webviewer in an app. the website is already optimised via mobile first, as i can access the vewsite in mobile mode via my mobile device’s web browser. but when i display the url via webviewer then it doesnt display the content in mobile mode instead it displays content in scrollable desktop mode. please help.

If you control the website, can you force it to serve mobile by including a query parameter, a header (options in Web Viewer), or by detecting whatever Thunkable’s Web Viewer is sending as a user agent?

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Create a HTML file and set the metadata for the viewport to the size you want and then call the website you want inside iFrame.

Alternatively, use a CSS style to force mobile view and use it as the class of the iFrame.

Another solution is to use a user agent switcher.

I should have asked the following question before suggesting a solution.

Do you mean when you view this particular website from your mobile browser you see it as a mobile version of the website but when you view it from the web viewer you see it as a desktop version?

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