Screen display a button after xThunkable Webviewer load a page

Good day guys!

For example if I set Webviewer url to and search for a ball, if I click on a result, webviewer will load a page. What I want to do is when a Webviewer finish loading another page, I want the screen to display a button or an element.

Pls help me out how do I do this?

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Have you actually tried just having a web viewer showing Google site?
It should not work.

See this demo project. This is how I understood your question.

You need to run it from a mobile. It does not work well from a computer.

Yeah! Great! I was actually doing something similar and am finding my way round the example you made. But you know when a link is clicked on the webviewer it should go to another web page but while the webppage delayed to load, I want to show a loading icon and when the webpage finish loading let the loading icon disappear.

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This can be done but requires advanced JavaScript coding. I haven’t done it before but I’m certain it’s doable.

See this demo

You need to do it from a computer.
Click anywhere in the image then use the computer’s arrows to resize the image. I’m detecting the keys in the keyboard and reporting it to Thunkable to decide what to do about the image.

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