How to load during a click in the web browser page

how to load during a click in the web browser page ?


Can you please provide more detail about your issue? I can’t quite understand what you mean here.

I want to display my website in a browser.
and I need can I have a good example to copy?

Hello how to get a load when clicking on a browser link with webviewer?
page clic

I just finished my application I just have the loading part when we click a button …
Need help.
Thank you

What do you mean by a load?

Something like this?

No ! when you touch the webviewer’s screen of the website that is inside, to then select a site link and finally have access to other content from the same website. While the site goes to the other page, at the same time we have a Loading_Icon '' ... When page is found , Loading_Icon ‘’ stop.

You would have to build this feature into the website. Thunkable cannot detect when a webpage is loading and when it’s successfully loaded.

If you think it should be a feature you can request it through GitHub.