Webview do something when finish loading

How to Do you make some happen after webview stop loading?


I don’t think there’s any way to know when a website has finished loading.

Oh! I thought as much, I just want be sure if what am thinking is what you’re thinking :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:
Thanks! Have a great day.

Check out the post and receive features of the web viewer.



Let me check and get back.

Can you make and instance of this pls?

I haven’t used it with a web page finish. I’ve only done it attached to a button. Read Text Files Directly into Thunkable

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If the you are the owner / auther of the html page you could use window.onload or document.onload

If you are loading a public html or web page then I don’t know.

Yeah! Am getting a clue from here…let me see if I can experiment something here.
Thanks Dude!

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Great idea!

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I’ve been looking for the same functionality for a long time. When you don’t own the site it is impossible to know when the page is loaded, this is an essential feature.

Hi @domhnallohanlon is this feature planned for this year?

This will likely never be a feature of thinkable. Thinkable cannot tell you when somebody else’s website has finished loading. The closest they could do is potentially add a listener that alerts when data is being received or transmitted in the webviewer. And then you could infer that page is loaded because data no longer being loaded but that could be a missleading due to async data calls . Instead you need to put window.onload and then fire a message off to your thunkable listener

I have been experimenting with wrapping bubble apps with a thubkable wrapper. It’s exciting!