Designer Layout Different to Thunkable Live and Overlaps


I’m new to thunkable so might be doing something really basic wrong, but I am making a medical calculator and when I try to view it on designer, my carefully designed columns and rows look perfect, but when I view on the beta live, or app on my android they all overlap and are impossible to use. I have included two screen shots and a copy of the app screen with the issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

There is currently a problem with the beta view when the height of the layout is set to fit, try testing your app on your phone so you can see what your app looks like best

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It looks the same on my phone unfortunately. I might publish a test one to the app store and then download it and see if it has the same problem, or will it be the same as the app preview? Do they have any timeline for fixing the beta view or do we just have to wait?

Just as an FYI, this is the Web Preview.

@appinventor77 can you try installing your project on your device and let us know whether or not that works for you.


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