Layout on designer does not carry through to Thunkable Live on Android

I have a complex screen with many buttons, rows and columns. On the designer everything fits perfectly. The screen is set to flex-start.

When I connect to an android using Live test, the buttons resize (shrink) and blank real estate shows up throughout the screen. The bottom row disappears.

The frustrating thing is that there is plenty of blank screen between the controls to fit everything. Any ideas?


I’m afraid that the phone display on the designer screen is not meant to be completely true representation of the app’s display. It’s really only a very rough approximation. The Live Test capability is intended for providing accurate previews.


The thing that is frustrating is that the buttons and rows are tightly organized on the designer - and then Live test takes the buttons and shrinks them down, leaving blank screen space in between.

Mark, that might be a bug. Can you share a simple example app which demonstrates what you mean?

Thanks in advance.


I am embarrassed to admit that I did not appreciate that all layout objects have the justification property. I think that her original app was center and that flowed through to all other rows/columns. I have not looked at the help topics for alignment, but I will. The subtleties in X are significant but going between flex-start and flex-end produced a reasonable result.