Design view performance

Hi all,

I am having troubles with the performance of the design view lately. Even in empty projects when I try to add a new component to my project, it loads for pretty long. Between 5-30 seconds every time before the component appears. Computer is not terrible, i5 processor with 8GB ram. I tried then other computers too but still the same issue.
And only in design view currently, the block editor works fine.
Any ideas how I could solve this problem?

Hello @csordtam7c welcome to the community
Which browser do you use?
Have you tried using a different browser?

Hi @ioannis,

I tried Chrome and Edge and tried both on normal and incognito mode too.

I also checked the internet connection but there is no issue with that either.

Oh, and one more thing. I am using the old UI. I didn’t feel any differenece in the performanece of the two UIs but maybe it is a useful information.

Hi @ioannis did you maybe find something about this issue?

Hello @csordtam7c
I am sorry to hear that you still have issues
It seems like you’ve tried everything I had in mind, so I don’t know what else you could do