Deleting a shared app

How do you delete a shared app, I built an app and I shared it with a friend. How do I prohib him from accessing the app again?

It’s not possible for you to delete someone else project @delee_techdeveloper

Once someone decided to remix your app they create their own copy that they are free to modify and redistribute any way they like.

As you mention in your post, you can delete your project and prevent future copies from being made, but you can’t go back and erase copies that were made in the past.

Can you tell us a little more about what happened here?

I want to delete my app and eliminate the person I shared it with from taking it

Got it - well unfortunately I can’t help you with either of those I’m afraid :joy:

Have you considered upgrading to PRO? Private project can’t be seen on your profile page and (unless you share with another PRO member) then can’t be copied either.

Thank you! Didn’t know it would be funny tho! Just was asking for help. And yes I am a Pro member.

Aha - so you are! Was this a private project or a public project that you shared?

How did it end up being shared if you (now) don’t want to share it?