Declare user-agent in web_viewer

I already search the community and still just found 4 or 5 post related but not what exactly I was needed…
Is there any method to set or declare user-agent string for the webviewer? I turn my website into an app here and it has a google login method…

here some screenshots

And this when you click google login

I know the only solution to this is to set a user-agent string to the webviewer, but dont know where and how.
Note: My app is for iOS only

you should try firebase authentication.

A user agent is simple. :face_with_monocle: agent assist agent (similar to dialog-flow agent) is a user simple-agent for beginners, it’s pretty hard though first go to the agent assist console you should select the provided name for your firebase project. you should select the conversation profiles to google_users.apps.auth+20%firebase20% and other plat forms you use for your app

Hi thank you for your help. My website google login don’t use Firebase Auth, I was using google libraries using PHP, but i’ll try to explore this agent assist…


You are talking about HTTP user-agent and he is talking about the “agent” in the Diagflow assistant which are two different things.

The web viewer is actually, I think, an iFrame component and you need to see a way to change the header of the parent window if possible or force a different user-agent from the web viewer itself.

There isn’t enough information in this subject so the only way is to try it yourself.


See this post, it may give you an idea

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I believe you need to behave and use good words and stop being offensive.

The inquiry is about the HTTP user-agent not about the agent assistant that you keep mentioning everywhere as if you made a breakthough in Thunkable.

For any information about agent assistant you can refer to Thunkable documentation

Thunkable has a component that integrates to the Google Assistant with the setup steps that are indicated in the documentation and the use of this component.


I hope you stop acting this way and realize you are part of a decent community with moral principles.

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Please please please read the post and STOP answering before reading.

The post is about USER-AGENT. It is not about you favorite topic assistant.

Can you please try to understand, you might have valuable information about assistant but this TOPIC has nothing to do with the assistant.

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arh! that means you didn’t see what @farmershubbysheg seen.

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Again, What this reply had to do with the TOPIC? There is a user-agent and there is a web viewer

Declare user-agent in web_viewer

Can you please get focused?

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hmmm. ok, it said there are no user_agent on this server, which means @farmershubbysheg should use firebase authentication. you’re right but

do you know what is an user-agent?
  • A user agent is any software that retrieves and presents web content .
  • a user agent is a auth control with in the site

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…A user agent is any software that retrieves and presents web content .

Go to this site to get more info

Or this site to learn about your user-agent.

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hey, I already know what is it, kidding me is not supported in the main forum.we’ll call @domhnallohanlon to this solved.

Hello @farmershubbysheg,

I am facing the exact same issue, did you finally find a solution?