Dataviewer list maximum rows

I have read that the maximum number of rows for the dataviewer list is 100 (for both Airtable and Google Sheet). What can I do if I have a file (a Google Sheet file) that contains about 22000 rows? Thanks!

Are you wanting to display all 22,000 rows? What purpose would that serve for the user? Can you instead filter the data and display only partial results?

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I would like to create a list of 20,000 stores to rate them. The data of the 20,000 stores is contained in a 20000 rows excel file (or 200 excel files with 100 rows per file). I thought I’d solve the problem by adding 100 rows for Screen:

Screen1 -> Dataviewer list1 with 100 rows;

Screen2 -> Dataviewer list2 with 100 rows

and so on until 20000 rows.


That’s waaaaay too much work. I think it would be best to store the data in a Google Sheet and have the user search for a specific store (maybe by name or location or some other search term?). Then, display that store and allow the user to rate it.

If you need to display more than one store at a time, you can pull a range of rows into a list viewer and display them. I still don’t see why you’d need more than 100 rows at one time but if you really do, I think you can assign a dynamic range of rows to a listviewer using variables for the start and end row index numbers.

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