Database and Landscape issues

Hello fellow Thunkables!

I have created an app in App Inventor which is now on Play Store. I have now been putting it into Thunkable x so that I can get it on iOS.

I have had a few issues.

  1. My app should be viewed in Landscape. When held in portrait, my buttons position themselves in the wrong places. Any ideas would be very welcome! (I fixed it to Landscape in App Inventor)

  2. I’m having database difficulties. I save a value to a database and then recall it to specify a particular screen and sound. It is doing very weird things when I preview it. (Screen 3)

Here is the code…

Any help would be really gratefully received.



By strangeness, you say that when you press any button the same sound is played back and the buttons do not fit on the screen when portrait orientation? I removed the indents for Row1 on Screen3, but on the iPhone5 screen did not fit the 12x buttons and menus. I propose to solve the problem later on the buttons, but to simplify the blocks on the screen in the beginning. With such a large number of blocks it is extremely difficult to work and I’m working so slowly that it’s impossible to work. An example of simplification is shown below.

Similarly, you need to get rid of all “if do” blocks. After that, you can send me a link to a simplified project and we’ll see what the problem is.


Brilliant! Thank you! I was after a concatenation solution and that will be brilliant. I’ll get that done and see how it looks and get back to you.



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