Change sound playing source

Hi Alex.

Here’s a link to the revamped content:

I am still having the issues that I mentioned before, plus one new one. :slight_smile:

When the Player plays on Screen 3, I want it sourcing the player that I have just specified, but it always plays the one that is in the database BEFORE the new one. This of course is logical, but I can’t think of a way to get it playing the new sound file that I have just specified.

All advice welcome!


Hi Susan,

I’ll see it now.

I edit and make your project simple because there is confusion. Please tell me what should actually do the block below? We get a number from the storage, for example, 2. The file 2x3.png exists, but the 3x2.png file for which there is a link in this block does not exist.

Hi Alex,

Once Screen 3 is activated, the following is true:

A number will be added to the database (e.g. 3)
From screen 3, they will be able to click a button to hear the multiplication tables for that database number.

All sound files start with the lower number so that’s why I added the if statement. So for button 36 (3x table), anything less than 3 in the database will open the lower number x higher number (2x3), otherwise 3x the number in the database.

I don’t think that this can be simplified more, and it does work.

What doesn’t work is that I need to get that sound playing, not the one that was stored at the moment the button was clicked.