Data Warning - Legal Requirements

Hey everyone, so I am getting ready to publish my first app, and it utilizes Firebase Sign-In as well as storing some of the imputed data. What I am wondering is do I need to put an alert or some sort of feature or warning that lets users know exactly what data is stored in the cloud or how this works. Like I said, this will be my first app so I am not sure if the App stores will take care of that or how it works. Thank you guys so much for any help. (As an aside, unless what you post is from a reputable source I will not view it as legal advice I am just wondering what you guys have done/seen with your own apps).

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You can create a notice inside your app telling your users about the data that will be stored.

But it’s best if you also have a separate website explaining everything in detail. This is particularly important if you are storing sensitive information (name, address, bank details and other things that can identify a person).

If you are storing this kind of information make sure your are storing it safely and securely. You might need professional help to ensure this.

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Not storing name/address or bank details. Was just wondering for email and then some other info with the app. Thanks for the advice

Hey @huntermclarkn - the requirements vary from region to region and in a post-GDPR/CCPA world, data privacy and protection is very important.

We could definitely do with an updated look at this topic, but this post is still worth a look:

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Thank you very much @domhnallohanlon, If I find anything interesting and from reputable sources I will be sure to add