Data Viewer Grid uploaded image

I am using a Data Viewer Grid with a local Data Source created from the Grid properties. I ahve seen in dome examples that it is possible to use uploaded images, just by having the name of the image in the selected Image Column. This works well when viewing the app in the phone, but the image doesn’t show when using the Live Test.
If I put a url in the field, then that works both for Live Test and phone preview.

Is there a way to show uploaded images in the Grid in Live Test?


Is it necessary to view it in Live test?
Because of a new feature it have some problems when showing in web preview.

The thing is that I’m going to be teaching some teenagers via Zoom and showing it on the phone will be more complicated and will lose charm.
I guess that in reality is not that important, but I just wanted to know if there was a way that I didn’t find.
Thanks for answering!

Hi @kdokdotmc9 can you share a screenshot of the blocks that you are using to do this?


Hi @domhnallohanlon,

I am not using any blocks to show the images, this is configured in the Grid properties

I think the main thing - at this stage - is that the app works on the phone, since that is how your users will experience your app.

There may be an issue with the Live Testing app, or you might be running an older version of the Live Testing app which is causing the images not to show.