Data Validation

Hello everyone, I’m new here. I love the platform. It has matured alot since I looked at it a long time ago… I am starting an app that has input fields on a screen for ordering. First field is “First Name”. The field cannot be blank as it is required. If the user enters none or 1 letter it throws and error to add more letters. I have this all working nicely, except how on earth do i get the focus back on the name field after the alert. I would think this is possible. Like my banking app the cursor stays in the field if nothing is in the pw field and I select Login. Great product, but this has to be possible or even have a block work around.


I tested the described scenario and don’t see the issue as the Text Input field gets the focus back after the alert has been dismissed on both iOS and Android.

But I think that using a message appearing under the text input in case the criteria are not met would be more user-friendly. Try taking advantage of this block by adding a check in it :wink:


Yes I had on UnFocus set instead of Changes, thanks. And i had already moved to the message under the field.

This brings me to another question about validation…is it better to validate on a field basis or on a form basis. So when the user clicks Submit, the form is validated in one block of code.

I don’t think that the notion of “form” exists on Thunkable. It is just a set of fields. I would do it per field.