Darren's iOS, Android, & Web SendTh.at App

SendTh.at: Simple, Minimalist, Cross-Platform Text Transfer

With SendTh.at, you can send text between all of your devices. Ever needed to transfer a link, note, or text from your phone to your computer? SendTh.at is for you.

  • Step #1: Enter your text
  • Step #2: Enter your one-time passcode in another SendTh.at app
  • Step #3: Receive your transferred text

SendTh.at does NOT require you to create an account or use bluetooth or airdrop.

SendTh.at App Demo

How It’s Made

I have a full 10-video playlist that shows you how I made this app. Check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLArgGKS_QtY7-lbKt4qj574leADQMsa59

Use SendTh.at

You can access and use SendTh.at across ALL platforms!






Congrats Darren :clap: :bouquet:

For your second app


Nice app! Simple and useful.

Hopefully, we will soon be able to write text on several lines.

You can do this, but its a little buggy.

When you press enter / return, the text field loses focus. But when you click back in, you are on the next line.

I haven’t figured out how to not lose focus when return is pressed. Anyone know how?

just press enter+shift :smiley: