Custom Data Viewer List - update automatically

I have been playing around with custom data viewer lists in the old version and was curious if there was a way for the data viewer list to update if we updated changes on the custom layout? Or do we have to create a new layout and connect it to the data viewer list each time?


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As far as I know, if you make changes to the custom data viewer, you have to re-save it and then reconnect it to the app you’re building.

Your DataViewerList doesn’t automatically update when you make changes to your template.
When you import some template in your application, your application take that template as it is at that time, and doesn’t keep a “link” to it. So, if you make some changes to your template, you need to re-import to your application and re-link all your data. At least that was my experience when I worked with DVL custom templates. I’m not aware of some updates and changes about this in terms of modifying this behavior.


Correct,once you made a update or edit to the template,you would have to re-save it
And now I have lots of them and don’t even know how to get rid of the unuseful ones😒

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thank you!

When you edit a custom layout using the project it was created then you will have to give it a new name and use it as a new custom layout.

However, if you use the My Data Viewer Layout then just click the Edit and do the required changes. There is no save option so just exit and in your project re-select the layout to see the changes.

This option does not work for the Free Plan.


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