Cryptography Help

Hi I am creating a texting app using firebase and would like to encode and decode the messages as i am able to see messages on firebase console

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Hello can any one help?

Try this.

This is Base64 encryption


Nice @muneer!!!

This block combo would work too if coded for!


Thank you so much for the help @muneer and @jared


How would you go about decrypting

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In JavaScript the functions are atob() and btoa().

You can create a new HTML file and just change the function. Everything else is the same.


I changed the sample project to have both Encrypt and Decrypt. @sc_games you can remix the project to test the changes.

Yes, currently it is using the receiveMessage function. For the combo to work the code needs to be changed to receiveMessageWithReturnValue which I have not previously used.

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Thank you for the help!

What is wrong with my code? @muneer I am having problems

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Value From Post Message does not work. Use Post Message as in my example.


Just a reminder note, there was a reported problem in the Web Viewer that it does not work with HTML files added in the project (packaged html).

It should work using the web test from the computer and if you find it not working from the mobile then you would need to save the HTML file in a cloud/server and use the URL of the file for the Web Viewer.


Hi it still not working I have used firebase storage to store the html files is that ok @muneer ?