Can someone please help me with thunkable ( firebase )

What i want to do is the following.
For my employer i"m trying to develop an app that does this:

  • search in firebase for the entered text.
  • if text has been found send it to another user + commentary why text has been sent to said user.

Example : i have a product wich has the follwing data:

  • code = 132453
  • description = gauge pressure
  • manufacturer = mitsubishi
  • Type number = elko132

after investigation i notice the type number is wrong , so i open the app and search for this particular item by Code, description, manufacturer or type number. ( example: i put in the items code, 132453 and everything displays in a separate text box, one for code one for description etc.)
when the data is found i can put in commentary like: please change type number to - something.
after that a user gets a notification and changes the type number in our main database ( outside the app ).

I exported all the items in our database via cvs and changed it to json, then i uploaded it to firebase and this is how it came out.

I dont understand the random numbers that have been given, 9099, 91, 910 Etc.
But there are 50K plus items in the database and i have tried and tried but nothing seems to work…

Please would anyone be so kind to help me out here!?

I correctly understand that the problem is in the wrong data format when importing them into Firebase? If so, the problem is in the format of the imported file. First, try creating a test json with 10 entries and import it into the database. If everything is in order, then use this format to import a lot of data.

I got what the problem is , i can now search for the numbers behind the + sign , example: i search for 9100 and it displays my code , description, manufacturer and type number.

But i want to at least be able to search by code, is there any quick way to change the random numbers behind the+ sign to the code number or any tricks or something?

Try to use the loop on all nodes.

the problem i have is in my employers database i exported everything and made a json out of it, if i open it in notepad++ i see this

But when i import it into firebase it chooses random parents like this Firesbase%20screen

Is there any way for me to search for the child categories instead of the random number parent categories, maybe change the parent categories to something else fast cause i got like 50K plus entries…

I’ll try to simulate your situation in my database and write you the answer.

Can you give me a textual part of your code from the very beginning to the 11th entry so that I do not manually fill it?

“Code”: 100008,
“Type number”: “161/1”,
“Description”: “SOCKET TL-”,
“Manufacturer”: “SCHUCH”
“Code”: 100016,
“Type number”: “BS-38 3/8”,
“Description”: “SEAL BONDED-”,
“Manufacturer”: “HY-FIT”
“Code”: 100024,
“Type number”: “000.003.245 JFM-4044-30”,
“Description”: “BEARING SLIDE-”,
“Manufacturer”: “DEMATIC (EGEMIN)”
“Code”: 100032,
“Type number”: “RMU 50FL C25 M1 71 B5”,
“Description”: “MOTOR + GEARBOX”,
“Manufacturer”: “VELA”
“Code”: 100040,
“Type number”: “SX-11 7KG/5L”,
“Description”: “DESCALER”,
“Manufacturer”: “ZEP”
“Code”: 100057,
“Type number”: “79.3.31.SXD.032”,
“Description”: “SHAFT CHUCKNOSE XC PS-6”,
“Manufacturer”: “FUJI”
“Code”: 100065,
“Type number”: “B-1460-2 DVR”,
“Description”: “ARM HINGE-”,
“Manufacturer”: “TAKIGEN”

These are some entries , is this enough ?

Thanks, it seems I already see the problem.

you do?

I’ll check my guess and write to you.

great, thanks!

The fact is that your records do not have a root node and therefore Firebase gives them random values. Your data format must be such

  "100008" : {
	"Type number": "161/1",
	"Description": "SOCKET TL-",
	"Manufacturer": "SCHUCH"
	"Type number": "BS-38 3/8",
	"Description": "SEAL BONDED-",
	"Manufacturer": "HY-FIT"

Here, “100008” is the Code and root recording node.

Yeah i just noticed aswell it just does this dfor every entry: 1,2,3 etc up to the last one wich is 50000 something.

Now is there a Way for me to make the code the root node in every entry without having to manually do it ? Cause that would take me weeks

You do not need to edit anything manually. It is necessary to make the replacement of the text in automatic mode. Do you know any scripting languages ​​for programming - php, javascript, etc.?

I don 't sadly…

All replacements are easy to do with the help of, for example, javascript.

So i could just write a code at the top or bottom in notepad++ to make (Code) root node and then save it as json and import it to firebase?

Do you want to do this manually?

rootNode = node.getRootNode(Code);

Is this okay?