I don't receive anymore the message send by my firebase index.html into thunkable

The firebase Hosting index.html file send a message “loaded” to thunkable:

From My Index.HTML:

ThunkableWebviewerExtension.postMessage('loaded'); The "loaded" message is send to thunkable . Thunkable wait for the message : ![URL message received|612x500](upload://kTF6q2S2cyOCHtmSsXcZVrdk7Hb.png)

the message send to thunkable from the firebase Hosting HTML script is :


thunkable does not see the message anymore :

The URL from the firebase Hosting seams to work !!!

Is there any one who has a idee what going one ?
Is there any log in firebase Hosting to check if there are any error ?

My_Cloudinary_Widget.txt (3.2 KB)