Creating another account

if my one account is full mb imma create another account for community and builder both but ill use my last is it ok?

Yes it is ok.

I think you should check with Thunkable Staff. While I don’t see anything about it in the Community Guidelines, I can tell you as a moderator for another game developer community a few years back, we did not allow it.

Can you delete some unneeded projects from your current account? Can you upgrade to Pro which gives you more space? I don’t know your age but… maybe ask parents to help with affording it or do some work for your family/community to earn enough. Pro membership is great… you can publish to the web which makes testing really fast and allows you to share your projects with the world much easier.

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I think you can have multiple accounts for building apps. I don’t see them deleting the extra ones.

But you should only use one for the community / forum.

@domhnallohanlon should be able to confirm this.

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I think

That is a very good idea. I once tried it using the same email and for some reason, it got deleted

You can only have one account for the community, that I do know.

I’m fairly certain you can have multiple accounts for the builder, but as I said I’m not 100% on this. Only Thunkable staff can give a definitive answer.

You can have multiple accounts both in the builder side and the community side. I have free account and a PRO account.

The real issue is why do you want both accounts. over a month ago, I decided I no longer use the free one and stopped using it. Due to the fact that the email is Yahoo which required that I need to activate the connection/authentication every month, I decided not to renew.