Create Row in google sheets executes, but just gets stuck here

I looked at all the Create row not working and this is similar to the one that was posted a while that had the create row working and then the next command isn’t executed.
It was working before, but all of a sudden, it stopped working. I did not have it in a loop, it was just a straight command.
I took out the actions in the “do” part and still gets stuck at that create row command (it actually creates the row, just doesn’t move past it).
I took the create row out and everything worked fine (except it didn’t create the row because i took it out obviously).
i took the create row out and put it on a different screen and had it execute it when that screen opens, it creates the row and still gets stock and doesn’t move on.

This all of a sudden happened.
As a standalone command, it doesn’t move to the next command (“go to” screen)
I tessted on live, preview and it failed in the app (started failing yesterday).

have you tried the create_row with a valid value for ‘Resident Received Value’ - ie. connect a box to it.

Yep, i did. I tried basically everything. the only time my code works if i just remove the create row command all together.
Is there a certain limit on the number of rows? i I have over 680 rows in my google Sheet.

Okay, here is a clue (and i don’t think it will be helpful). I changed to a different tab and it worked. I even put data on the first 700 lines and it still worked on the “analysis” tab. Then i went to put the original tab and it didn’t work. Something is messed up.
On the picture, you can see the two create rows i interchanged. the analysis one worked, the other didn’t

Okay, i fix the issue, but you guys are not going to like it. I basically cut a bunch of rows at the end of the sheet(tab) that was giving me problems. Tried the app, it worked.
I then pasted back all the rows to the sheet and then ran the app, it still worked.
So, this is a BIG BUG in the create a row function and how it works with google sheets after a certain amount of rows it adds, something is going to go bad. don’t know how to replicate this guys till it happens again.

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