Create list with airtable data

Hello everyone! I am developing an app in which all the lines of my airtable appear on a screen. remember that I am cloning a row for each row in airtable. each row has an image label and a button.

so my question is: how can i do it so that when i click the button on one of the rows i can store the data of that row in a variable list, and then appear on another screen. please, if you don’t understand the idea, don’t hesitate to question. thanks to anyone who can help

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I think you’ll find the answers you want Edit! I meant to link here

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Hi, @Fernando_Matos! :wave:
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I have a dedicated tutorial on How to send a value from one screen to another here - How to use StartValue in Thunkable X with LocalStorage

I think that would solve your problem :+1:

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@kartik14 @jared thanks for the tips but what i needed even was. imagine an online store, where you have a list of items for sale. when you click add item it will be added to the shopping cart, and when you open the my shopping cart page there appears a list of items that we added. are you understanding what i mean? thanks

so. add items to list A from list B. Then go to screen 2 and view list B?

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yes exactly but list A is from Airtable, and B would be a list created within the app as a variable so you can add items and remove them without having to send an update to the store. thanks

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my problem is that i can’t find the index of each clone to be able to save the data of the specific row of Airtable. do you have any idea how to find the index?

Yes. I do this in one of my apps. Here is one way this can be done

Step one. In air table do you need to create a new column that has auto numbering. That is one of the options when you create a new column type in Airtable. I usually name this column “key”

Step two. When you request your data from Airtable you’re going to request the entire column of keys.

Step three. When you request your information from Airtable related to what you want to display on the screen you will also grab the key of each row and put that into its own list. Only grab the key from the road that you want to display. And put that into a list.

Step four. When your user has identified an item you find the index of that item in the item list and then you get the corresponding key from the key list you just created. Each key in item should share a corresponding index so that should be easy to find. From list keys get number (in list items find index of item)Then

Step five. Now you search the original entire column of keys for the key you found in step four. The index number of that key is the Airtable row that you want to reference for changing deleting updating or modifying

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@jared sorry but i got confused in step 3 and is it possible to share a block scheme? thanks

Yes! here you go!! @Fernando_Matos

to create the key, i use the autonumber feature from airtable. you can set this when you create a new column.

now that you have the row number, you can change any single cell, delete the row etc!

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and in this block example, you will see i filtered names less than 5 characters. and this still works to obtain the row number.

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thanks for the help but in my project i am cloning a row with labe image and button. I am not using list_ viewer. in my project the ideal was to click on the clone button in a variable list i would add the row number in the airtable and then on the other page i could call the airtable lines i chose! thanks