Create a meet (like) app

hey guys its me again, I’m creating an app same as meet
just uses some components

  • Bluetooth low energy

  • video recorder

  • video

  • button to invite

  • button to confirm to start the meeting

  • speech recognizer

  • text to speech
    it shares audio to other devises, even users did not lift the call
    Screenshot 2021-08-19 151909
    you can add your own UUID for Bluetooth low energy component.
    if you don’t want video you can delete
    wondering about the share component, this gives a support to chat

The screenshot is too small. Can you upload a larger one?

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Screenshot 2021-08-19 154348

Screenshot 2021-08-20 103605

can you create demo video ? or share the app so everyone can saw your final product.

we can, but were going to share after the video is recordedI wonder taking videos with camera