Create a leaderboard according to your score

Hello everyone . Nice to know Thunkble.
I’m having trouble creating an in-game leaderboard from high to low, top 50. based on how many points you can play

  1. Registered email - score
  2. Registered email - score
  3. Registered email - score

    Look forward to the help . Thanks a lot
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What have you tried so far?

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There isn’t enough information to answer.
Where are you saving this data?
How it is saved? in local DB, or cloud and what kind of cloud storage?
Is the data saved in separate columns such as [score, date, email] or how?

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Hi, Yes many thanks for taking the time to answer my question.
I am saving data on Airtable
Saved data is separated into 2 separate columns.
Hope you make a small code describing how to arrange the rankings from big to small.

I think you can create a view in Airtable where the data is sorted by one column such as your “score” column. Then, in Thunkable, you can display the data from that view. So anytime a new score is added, it would still sort the Airtable data by score.