COVID-19 Self Test
:point_up_2: Test yourself for COVID-symptom
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I think you need to be really careful when offering medical advice in an app. Are you a doctor? I didn’t see any reference to a source for the information you’re using to diagnose users (e.g. CDC, WHO, etc.).

Consider that someone might use your app and then decide to get tested or not get tested, to quarantine themselves or not quarantine themselves, etc. You might even be liable for things that happen to your users as a result of the app experience.

Sorry to be so dramatic/critical but I think you should be aware of those aspects if you’re not already.

As for the app content, why are you asking for name and age? I don’t see a need to collect those and you should respect people’s privacy unless you’re doing a scientific study (and even then it should be anonymous). I would suggest that instead of a binary choice for gender (male or female), you consider adding a third choice: “Other (specify)”.

There are apps on the app store similar to this and I would recommend you Google covid welfare check app if you haven’t already looked at these and to focus on apps made by government or healthcare organizations as a model for your own.


Is such app even possible to make? :thinking:

Which kinds of app are you talking about??

How does your app tell people if they have COVID-19?

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That’s a simple prediction based on symptoms.

Based on what? What are you referencing?

At the current situations, a safe distancing and contact trace app may be more useful. Sadly not a lot of people are focusing in this aspect.

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COVID-19 can kill. You’re making an app that literally toys with people’s lives.