Have you ever been in a fix that required you to diagnose an illness quickly? Or locate a doctor for that matter?

Well, now you can do so by using Phone Medic. Phone Medic will not only search for medical professionals and healthcare facilities in your vicinity but will also help you diagnose your illness procedurally by using symptoms as inputs

All you have to do is enter your symptoms in the interactive symptom analyzer and immediately get results, which consists of the most probable diseases that you may be ill with it.

This application can also be used as a reference tool in medical diagnosis in remote locations.

(All users of this application are to note that this tool doesn’t replace in any case a medical consultation and therefore allows no diagnosis.)


Was the app developed with Thunkable?

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That is what I asked myself too. Some of the components there look too native to be made using Thunkable.

@Amoroso @Helios The package name is the same as an app made with Thunkable, so I assume it is made with Thunkable.


Looks like it uses 3 web viewers, wrapping Google Forms, Google Maps and APIMedic.

It even has the “Invented with Thunkable” about text.

Good job, @Ritabrata_Maiti, hopefully your users will find your app useful!


Some Recommendations :slight_smile:

  1. Can you hide your TitleBar Or Rename them? Your app will look great :smiley:
  2. Can you make Screen4 portrait? As the rest of the UI is also portrait :blush:
    Otherwise your app looks amazing :smile::+1: great job :smiley:

Yes it was, thanks for asking :slight_smile: