- Your Small Companion For Your Health

Here’s The Link : Thunkable

And Check Using Thunkable Live For The Best Experience

Features :
*Video Calling Live Consultation
*Health Checkup
*Covid-19 Assesment Chatbot
*Listen To Music
*Near Hospitals Finder
*Learn About Diseases
*Water Consumption App
*BPM Calculator

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Post your link properly please.

Yeah Done :sweat_smile:

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How’s The App ?? :slight_smile:

This is cool! I love the linked chat windows hosted in githhub! Very cool! Looks great with the animations!

How long did it take you to put this together?

It Took 6 Days :smiley: :blush: Thanks Jared


It would be much better to give the credit to the member you used his exact code for the video calling feature. When you use someone else’s code without any change then you need to mention the owner of this code and show your appreciation to his effort.


Ok How can i do it can you tell

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Two ways:

  1. Mention it in this topic (next time, on the first post)
  2. Add a note in the app
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:tada: Congrats @anush!


can you pls share me the link and thnx @domhnallohanlon