COVID19 Check-in (done for now)

I work for an in-home therapy company. We need to document that the clients verify they are COVID19 symptom-free before the session. This documentation is new, and the ‘go-to’ was a paper that they signed each course before our entry. That didn’t sound good, and I’ve been talking to my boss about how I can make an app for this company, and I finally got the call today. Yesterday, I was contacted to make this for our company and clients! Currently, we are serving around 100 clients. I am hoping to pass this off to other companies nearby doing similar work!

[UPDATE May 7 2020]
For now this is finished. I imagine we will add the option for the employee themself to check in via the app as well. I probably will add the option to log out, but all employee phones are already encrypted and password protected and the app itself stores no PHI. a ‘to come’ feature but not required to launch. i will be submitting to the app stores tomorrow.


I found it very interesting, you managed to be precise in the questions.
My question is whether the answers go to a database or if the App sends an email to be processed.

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@alzlima.andreo4v thank you! I have this linked to our Google drive. But it could do both or either.

We are logging responses in our google drive as a secure storage location. Then we will use Integromat and twilio to send texts to the supervisor know session should occur.

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I’m sorry for possible mistakes, I don’t speak english and I use google translator.

What do you think of creating a notification for the user after the result:
If positive for any of the questions, “Stay home and monitor your temperature, cough intensity and increased difficulty in breathing”
If negative for all, “Come to the company but don’t forget your mask and other care”

Thank you for pointing that out! I think that will be included also. The idea is to alert our staff that it is okay to travel to the client’s home before we show up to a home where someone is sick.

My company works mostly in home but we also have a couple office spaces where we do therapy.

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