Copy is disapearing after it is made

Why the f… is my copy disapearing after I have made a copy and I get the copy made message in the corner.
But after updating the update is gone?

I don’t know. Duplicate doesn’t seem to work consistently for me. Sometimes it doesn’t do anything. Although I’ve never had the experience of a copy showing up and then disappearing.

I use the Copy button inside the project instead.

Check if the copy moved to the end of your projects list

I have done that. And i is not there.
I have trues that befrie also.

Just for the sake of checking - but have you done a hard refresh too?

I find that sometimes I might make a copy or two and need to do a hard refresh before I can see then.

(This is only really an issue on my staff/PRO account with unlimited projects - so out of curiosity, do you know how many projects you have at the moment?)