Control device sleeping, flashlight and volume

Hi all

I´m doing an app for iOs and Android that must perform certain actions (play an audio file, vibrate, turn the flashlight on) at specific moments in sync with an external event.

The issues I´m still facing are:
1- The device goes to sleep before the first action is set to start. I´m trying to figure out how to prevent that. I don´t think that can be blocked from the app but I imagine that if the user touched the screen from time to time, or pressed any buttons, that would reset the device countdown time. Are there other actions that I can use? Maybe playing an “empty” video or audio would prevent the app from sleeping? Any other hint?
2- I can´t find a setting to turn the flashback on and off, I see references to scripts etc. that don´t seem available for thunkable X and/or iOS. I can turn the screen on with a white BG but if the device is sleep it won´t show either (point 1)
3- Is it possible to set the device volume to the maximum?


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Hi there,

You could keep the app active by having a Timer in your app that does something like changes the text on a Label with transparent text.

X currently can’t change any device settings - including flashlight and sound.

Sorry for the inconvenience this causes!