Please help! How to avoid automatic stand-by/ sleep modus in my app

Hello there! It is crucial for my app that the smartphone is not send to stand-by/ sleep modus. I am developing an app that animates people to have good conversations, that`s why there are many breaks in using the app. However, I imagine it would be very annoying to always unlock the smartphone whenever the users come back to the app.
I already tried playing a tiny video in the background in combination with a timer - but even then stand-by modus was started:-(
Please help!!! Is there any workaround?

Can you better explain the question please ?

Hi amelie, I don’t think this is possible at the moment (please correct me if I’m wrong). This would mean that your app needs to work in background. I would also advise you to check the developer policies from Google and Apple about background services.
Hope this helps!