[Completed November 2023] IAP Component Updates (Android Only)

Hi @martint, thanks for reaching out about this.

Yes, RevenueCat is required to publish to either the Play Store or the App Store.

So if updating an existing app with working IAP we need to incorporate RevenueCat?
and also deconstruct the app of all its IAP blocks and then add them back in?

Yes, users must use the new IAP component if an existing app needs to be updated. The blocks are different so you will need to add them in.

If your existing app doesn’t need to be updated, we still recommend that users move to the new IAP component as soon as possible to avoid any issues.

Here are some additional notes from Google:

I understand i have to replace with the new blocks but your instructions state removing IAP blocks prior to uploading to store and then adding them back in?

Also, not seing the updated blocks in the snap to place interface?

Correct, they’re only available in our Drag and Drop platform.

I’ll have to check on this for you.

Are they coming to the SnapToPlace interface? All my apps were built and are maintained in this interface.

This is now done through RevenueCat and the respective app stores.

There are no plans for this. However, we do have a Beta feature that allows for converting Snap to Place projects to Drag and Drop.

It will convert any project that you open in Snap To Place into Drag And Drop. You should have access to this as a Beta tester.

I also built my app in the snap to place editor and the last time I used this converting feature it completed broke the UI. It would take a long time for me to rework the UI after this conversion. Is there any way that this will come to the snap to place in the future?

@mikaydengutierrez33v Not at the moment but I will pass along your feedback about this.


i will also need in the near future to convert my apps into drag&drop, as it seems snap to place is slowly going deprecated.

If you need another tester, i’m happy to help and provide feedbacks

Hi @maurizio.polverini89! Thanks for offering, and please keep an eye out for various beta testing opportunities posted here in the Community in the future! At this time we do not have any new capabilities planned for Snap To Place, as we continue to prioritize making the Drag And Drop interface as robust, intuitive, and performant as possible.

Hello @matt_conroy , thank you for taking time to reply to my question.

Just a quick one.
I will have in the next couple of weeks to update a couple of apps i have published, all snap to place:

  • One app has already the IAP component working, but i’ll need to update the app to change the blocks from Airtable to Datasource. In this case, when i will send the app on review, will it be blocked as i’m using an old IAP component or , worst, it won’t work anymore?
    Related to this: What are my options to implement a new IAP on a snap to place project?

  • One app is already published and i’ll need to add from scratch a IAP feature. What are my options (if i have)?

Thank you for your time

@maurizio.polverini89 Thanks for reaching out about this. There is unfortunately no current option to implement the new IAP with Revenue Cat in a Snap to Place project. You would need to convert the project to Drag and Drop.

For an existing drag and drop project, building in the new IAP with Revenue Cat is discussed in our Docs below. Since you are not migrating from the previous version of IAP, you can start with the Order of Operations for adding them into your existing project.

Let us know if you have any questions!

Thank you for your answer, but I have still a question:

As still both of my projects are snap to place, so there is no way I can update/implement an IAP component with snap to place anymore (even without RevenueCat)?

The old IAP blocks are definitely not going to work anymore?

You are correct.

Google now requires all new or updated apps on the Play Store to utilize Google Billing Library v5 or newer. The blocks used to setup IAP in Snap to Place only utilize v4 of the Google Billing Library. So if your app is working and does not need an update, you can still use v4. But if you do update, that update must also include v5 of the Google Billing Library.

All my apps need to be updated for the Airtable deprecation before the 24th of January. So it means I will lose everything, and I will not be able to implement IAP on them again. Good to know that I’m losing money again.

Just a personal point of view, of course I don’t intend to go too deep:

I have been a loyal Thunkable user from the last 4 years, I feel like there is a massive lack of communication for the users like me with snap to place (and can’t use drag&drop for many reasons).
Nobody ever told me snap to place was going to be deprecated or that some important blocks were going to be removed in such little time (such as IAP and Airtable).

It’s ok to focus on drag&drop, I understand and totally agree, but you can’t just leave your people behind, the same ones who supported you for many years, with no solution with such important blocks.

The 100%of my apps in the last 4 years are snap to place and I’ll lose all my work from years due this lack of communication. (More than a few have IAP, but need to be updated for Airtable deprecation)

I hope you will take this personal thought as feedback an not as a personal attack. I just wanted to share my disappointment of some choices of yours that really throw my 4 years work into the bin.

I also hope that the converter will be online soon and, if you need any help on testing, I’ll be more than happy to help as really, it’s the only solution I have.

May I kindly ask when will the converter be online?

Thank you for your time.


Hi @maurizio.polverini89, you should have access to covert those projects now by clicking on “Convert to Drag and Drop” on the top bar of your editor. You will want to refresh your browser if it is not already appearing.

Thank you!

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Hi, I also have this problem with Android asking me to We have detected that one or more app bundles included in this release use the following versions of the Play Billing Library.
4.0.0, how can I solve it since the top bar of the browser doesn’t appear for me?

@dellipaoli.enzo01hh1 Our docs now include a detailed plan for implementing the latest version of IAP via RevenueCat.