Update Google Billing Library to 6.0.1 or higher by August 31, 2024


I just got a message from Google saying that if I don’t update the billing library for my app by August 31, 2024 (to 6.0.1 or higher), I will be unable to publish updates to the app. As you can guess, I’ve made the app with Thunkable (last update early this year). Can you help me out here? Are you addressing this issue?


Hello @ethosworkfi
We released an update on June 11th that should solve this issue.
Could you please try to publish an update for these changes to take effect?
You can find the steps in our docs: Publish to Play Store (Android) with AAB | Thunkable Docs

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Thanks for a quick reply! I’m planning on releasing an update in the near future (it’ll take a while still), but I’ll let you know if I encounter problems when I get there. However, it sounds like the issue is resolved. Great!

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