[Solved] Google Play Billing Error

Good morning,

Since I have to upgrade my App to Android 14 in the Google Play Store, I have uploaded an new release.

However, I get the Error Message

" We’ve detected that one or more of the app bundles included in this release are using the following Play Billing Library versions

  • 4.0.0

These are unsupported versions of Google Play Billing. Upgrade to a supported version to publish this app."

I know that this issue is resolved by Matt, I read the topic. But:

  • my app is free
  • it does not have in app purchases, hence no purchase blocks that I need to remove

So now I can’t update the app in the Play Store.

Does anyone know how to handle this?



Could you check and see if you have a IAP component added in your blocks tab? It would be nestled under the Advanced drawer. If that was added, even if on accident, it’ll get picked up when publishing and Google will reject the app.

Screenshot 2023-12-11 at 10.06.45 AM

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Hello Matt,

Thank you! I indeed found an (albeit totally empty) In-App_Purchase1 there, removed it and the error in PlayStore is no more.

Feeling a bit stupid now :smiley: . Thanks again and have a great day!