Companion not updating properly


I recently have the problem that the companion often isn’t updating with the new blocks… For example I removed some WEB API blocks and replaced them with a social sharing component - the companion seems to restart the app as usual but when I come to the part with the replaced blocks it would still run the old ones… That’s kind of annoying specially when you are troubleshooting something some issues and think your blocks still don’t work but actually the companion just did not load the new ones :confused:

Is this a known issue? Couldn’t find anything related to this yet.

Best, Chris

Update: also realized that most of the time the window appearing when clicking on live test will not disappear alltough the companion “restarts” the app.

The companion often seems to only properly update its content once I close it and restart the whole companion app :neutral_face:

By now I have this issue most of the time and it is really annoying because it would always refresh but you never know if it already loaded the new blocks/ components :pensive:

I wonder if it’s component based?

I do experience this from time to time but definitely not to this extent.

Can you upload a screenshot of your component tree??

Unfortunately I did not realize it to happen after adding a certain component… It seemed to happen slowly and then just to get worse the more I worked on the app. By now I have to close and restart the companion almost every time I make a change And I also realized that there are problems with updating files. For example I upload test.html and I delete & replace it → the companion will still show the old version even after restarting.

Here’s the components used:

visible components

invisible components