Community is not loading in my laptop

Hi there in my laptop the community is not loading

Make sure to either hard-refresh the browser tab or clear your browser cache.


But sir from yesterday I am trying to refresh
But it is not loading

he said


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It is not loading

if you’re using macOS

this is for windows . if macOS

No I am using Windows 7 professional Dell Laptop
Core 2 duo

click on the website.

Which of these have you done?

  1. tab refresh
  2. hard refresh
  3. cleared the cache

If you don’t know how to do those, you can Google instructions.

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Now this:

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After doing clear cache it is showing like this

your computer/browser has been hacked. :scream: these things @tatiang had said won’t work. now.

    </body=GET ">

have you checked the console @rishabh_2008 it should be connected to which is the source community is built on.
we need help @Thunkable_Staff .

@rishabh_2008 this is being solved. take your computer to your nearest computer shop or visit

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For 1 site I have to got the shop ?

Please help @Thunkable_Staff

I’m using insprion 5007. I’m usingit since 7 years. (though it’s warranty is 5 years! :angel:)

and i need to hand to to the shop over a GOOGOL PLEX times, though it never experenced this.

the sofwares we use are only windows 10, windows 8 ,windows 8.1. your software isn’t supported.

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click on advanced at the bottom and select ‘continue anyway’

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did you experencied the same problem?

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