"Coming soon to Thunkable X" (May 6, 2019)


I must say that I’m a little disappointed that “Bluetooth LE” has disappeared from this list. It’s been on the list for quite a while. I was looking forward to it. My need is to send commands to and read status from a medical device. What is the next planned release date?

I think that “Canvas and Sprites” is a good choice. Obviously it’s good for drawings, animations, and gaming. In other projects, I’ve used it by dropping a picture of a device’s keypad onto the canvas, then placing invisible/stationary sprites on top of the button pictures. Then, the user could “press” the buttons by touching the sprites.

The “Accelerometer” is a lower priority, but I’ve used it to attempt to measure mechanical vibration characteristics.

Thanks for your time,

Hey @BillG,

We don’t have specific release dates for component releases, as there are simply too many moving parts for these to be anywhere near accurate. What we do instead is set quarterly goals for what we hope to achieve, but as you can imagine somethings can be shipped sooner while others take longer to get up and running.

To the best of my knowledge we’re actively working on the BLE component at the moment - I could be wrong though so let me double check that and get back to you.

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