Cnavas tripping on web

Hello :wave: .

I have recently started working with the canvas and while testing on the web i noticed a small but anoying issue, the canvas is constantly resizing causing a trippy effect to appear.
You cna check out this Video to see what is happening


Hi @sketch, thanks for flagging this. Great music in that video!

I will reach out to our engineering team and see what may be happening here and get back to you about this ASAP.

Thank you!

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Haha I didn’t even noticed it was recording the music too.

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Hi @sketch, I checked with the team about this, this is always going to happen when the canvas first loads onto the screen. The screen loading and canvas loading are two separate events that happen simultaneously–but once the canvas has loaded, the sprite may need to “adjust” a small amount so that it is placed properly on the screen based on the x and y coordinates.

Hi @matt_conroy thanks for replying, ssadly this it doesn’t stop on the web and keeps on going forever.

Can you share the project or blocks for the canvas when the issue is happening?

sure @matt_conroy
here are the blocks:

Removing the canvas stage width and height blocksseem to solve the issue but makes the canvas really big, so maybe the problem is there?

Thanks! Let me see if we can reproduce this locally.

@sketch I can only get this behavior to happen when the screen opens and that is because of what I have mentioned above. It does not continue after that–are there any more blocks on your screen that could be adjusting the stage?

Hello @matt_conroy no not any other blocks are related to the canvas, here is the project link Thunkable, the issue happens on screen 3 and happens when you test with thinkable live for the web, I haven’t checked/tested on the project page on how it looks.

Im having a hard time reproducing this issue. It just moves the once for me.

Hmm that’s odd have you tried using: thunkablecompanion ?

Ah, ok I see what’s happened here. We had a few issues recently with loading canvas blocks on a screen event. Try these blocks instead.
Screenshot 2024-05-16 at 3.54.03 PM

Thanks @matt_conroy that solved the tripping issue, so this issue is closed, however ive noticed another issue, wich ill will report in a different topic,-, thx for the help.